Paintings and sculpture by Clive Wilson

Clive Wilson has no formal education in art. He is a self-taught artist whose work is predominately figurative.

Much of his work is inspired by facial expression and the subtle subconcious communication that happens when people interact. His paintings attempt to capture some of these silent, subliminal messages  -  windows into the soul.


Once I was a child of the universe now I a man of the world Pt2

1st Prize Winner

Keele University Three Counties Open Art Exhibition 2021

This painting 1955 - Welcome to England (oil on canvas) was voted 1st Prize Winner of the Keele University Three Counties Open Art Exhibition 2021.

"The painting is loosely based on a black and white image from the 1950’s of a newly arrived West Indian immigrant to the UK. I have tried to reflect the swirling emotions he must have felt. A mixture of sadness for the loved ones left behind, bewilderment at the strange surroundings, fear of the unknown but with hope for a new and brighter future."

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1955 Welcome to England